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About True Potential Network

The Network helps leaders and teams break through challenge to reach their true potential.

Utilizing Talent Optimization and People Systems, we work with leaders across industries to take their organization to their True Potential. From small nonprofits to large corporate and university organizations, we have helped leaders optimize their people and build systems to keep leaders at every level focused on increasing outcomes in a liberating culture.

Team Leaders

Aaron Lee

Aaron Lee

Senior Leadership & Team Development Consultant

Aaron has a passion for taking leaders and teams to their true potential in their personal and professional lives and has a strong desire to see organizations reach their vision and do so with efficiency and clarity.

As a team development expert, leadership coach, and speaker, Aaron's clients have raved about their results.

I really appreciate Aaron’s insights on the challenging situations I have faced and new territory I find myself in. I will admit to underestimating just how much I had to learn, and Aaron has been a fantastic resource helping me along the way so far.

Coaching Client

The real metric of the success of a team workshop is what people say the next day. After our sessions, multiple folks thanked us for providing them the opportunity. They really were grateful for how you stepped us through the process.

Team Development Client

Your candor, kindness and distinctive leadership insight totally "crushed it!"

Sandra Finley - President
League of Black Women