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About thrive! Inc.

We specialize in helping leaders reduce politics, gossip, and silos on their teams to become high performing.

We specialize in helping leaders reduce politics, gossip, and silos on their teams to become high performing.

No one likes conflict, not even us and we’ve written two books on it, our business book is The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage.

What if conflict was a superpower on your team?

We’re a bit different. We use some pretty neat science and simple, practical tools to help you see, understand, and harness the differences on your team. Imagine your team having real conversations, being engaged, working on collective goals, and creating high performance results, driving alignment throughout the whole organization.

Team Leaders

CrisMarie Campbell

CrisMarie Campbell


CrisMarie Campbell, MBA is an Olympic rower, Corporate and TEDx Speaker, Boeing flight test engineer, Consultant and Coach, Author, and is the co-founder of thrive! inc.

She's spent 20 years helping individuals, leaders, and teams to resolve difficult conflicts and create strong, thriving relationships that create great results.

Author of two books The Beauty of Conflict (for business teams), and The Beauty of Conflict for Couples, and co-host of the podcast The Beauty of Conflict, where they help listeners deal with conflict at work, at home, and everywhere else in life.

She's given presentations on conflict resolution, communication, teamwork, and creative problem solving at Fortune 100 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, AT&T and Nationwide, as well as, at organizations like the Gates Foundation, University of Washington Medical Center, and San Francisco Giants and many others.

She is a master consultant, coach, and speaker, and her work and expertise has been featured in notable outlets like The Today Show, NBC, and The CEO Magazine, Corporate Board Member, Shape.

Susan Clarke

Susan Clarke

Vice President

Susan B. Clarke has been coaching leaders and facilitating teams and groups for over 20 years. She came into coaching in a very different route after being told she had just six months to live from a terminal cancer diagnosis. Her process of pulling diverse doctors and healers, with radically different philosophies and beliefs, together to get better results changed the course of her life.

After that, what she cared most about is helping people become more effective in communicating, bridging differences and bringing more of themselves to everything they do. Specifically, she helps leaders deal with crisis, conflict and change.

She also uses horses in helping leaders learn more about their leadership style - what's working and what's not. Curious? Reach out.