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Inspiring others to be Inspiring

We are TheeAnthonyS partnered with The Predictive Index. We focus on employee engagement and talent optimization. Our optimal client is a small to medium sized business that is looking to increase overall production and morale throughout their organization. Rather than traditional techniques we use:

1 Science to gather people data

2 We then map this data against the business strategy

3 Then we align people to the strategy to maximize results, just like you’d build a winning sports team

Team Leaders

Anthony Smith

Anthony Smith


With experience in four different industries spanning from finance operations to field team development, Anthony aids organizations in creating high performing teams through excellent communication.

Anthony was responsive and attentive throughout the life of this project. He provided insight and support as needed, and delivered on the project milestones. We will definitely reach out to him again for any future program assessment needs.

Tania E.

Anthony is brilliant, easy to work with and inciteful. He really helped us craft our structure and begin to look at how we want to be viewed as we move forward. Such a great person to work with. Thank you to Catchafire and Anthony. We're on our road to accomplishing our goals

Pearl T.