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About The Modern Observer Group

The Modern Observer Group is a business support ecosystem designed to build your business. Services include 1-to-1 coaching, strategy, process and marketing consulting services, as well as advisory and networking groups.

The Modern Observer Group provides a business ecosystem to build your business and help it operate at peak performance. From podcast and articles to advisory groups, 1-to-1 coaching and business consulting we help you build your processes, streamline operations, manage communications and obtain peak performance from your organization and employees.

Team Leaders

Eric Lopkin

Eric Lopkin


As President of The Modern Observer Group, Eric Lopkin coaches entrepreneurs, executives and corporations to reach their goals and build successful businesses and careers by integrating operations, communications, social media, mindset training and time honored management principles with his "Businetiks" process.

Chip Janiszewski

Chip Janiszewski


Chip is a creative consultant, networking specialist, trainer, facilitator, educator and speaker. He has trained and mentored thousands of individuals (including business professionals, students in Universities and High Schools) in business basics (including accounting topics, business and strategic planning, operations, time management, entrepreneurship), networking basics (including identifying opportunities, building relationships, presentation skills) and other topics.

Mica Notz

Mica Notz

HR Consultant

Mica Notz has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Administration and has twenty-eight years of experience in the employment law arena. She worked as a paralegal at several highly respected and prominent law firms and is a registered State of Connecticut Department of Labor independent hearing representative.

“I can tell you honestly now I really should have used The Modern Observer Group’s services years ago. I cannot stress the amount of aggravation and confusion that would have been avoided if I had. After many sleepless nights and days of wondering whether or not I knew how to make this work, it seems like there was so much wasted energy to arrive at the same destination. Eric’s advice and leadership over the years have proven to be invaluable and priceless."

Danielle Volkar - Owner

"I had an idea. I contacted The Modern Observer Group to help me turn that idea into a real business. They were able to get me up and running in six weeks. We are now five years in and The Modern Observer Group has built us up and kept us growing."

Ray Charpentier - President

"The Modern Observer Group has helped me clarify my goals and stay focused while growing my small business. Eric's guidance has helped me to learn how to navigate through the everyday road blocks as a small business owner, clarify my strategy and keep my business on track."

Elaine Marcucio - Owner