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About LeadShift

For 22 years, LeadShift has been a leader in bringing Talent Optimization solutions to our clients.

As a Partner firm of The Predictive Index, we provide a comprehensive assessment portfolio that helps you decode the human element of your organization. Using our people analytics you will make better hires, keep your people engaged, and build high-performing teams.

Team Leaders

Steve Cundall

Steve Cundall


Steve was fortunate to be part of building a successful telecom company early on in his career where he learned many lessons about leadership; none more important than the concept that "your people are your company". Steve founded the Cornerstone Group to help leaders achieve greater success by creating better people outcomes. Our partnership with Predictive Index combined with our years of leadership experience created a strong foundation for helping other organizations to improve performance.

Laura Caton

Laura Caton

Partner, Senior Consultant

Laura works closely with organizations to help them understand the most complex and expensive piece of their business: people. As a speaker and advisor with a dynamic, energetic style, she believes if you are not happy at work then why are you there? Laura also holds managers accountable for ensuring each employee is managed to their motivations, which allows them to perform at their personal best. Her motto: everyone should come to work with an authentic spirit and personal accountability.

Joe Cundall

Joe Cundall

Senior Consultant

Joe Cundall joined The Cornerstone Group Inc. in 2015 and partners with his clients to have better business outcomes using tools from Predictive Index. His clients range from large publicly-traded companies to small and mid-sized family and/or closely held businesses. Joe has 8 years of experience working for and with large financial services organizations in sales, marketing, operations, strategic growth and organizational development. Joe earned his B.A. from Assumption College.

Our partnership with Cornerstone has helped us to transform our organization. The tools and training provided allowed us to dramatically up our game and build a powerful, competitive organization. Their genuine interest in "partnering" with our leadership team produces outstanding results and transcends traditional consulting relationships. It is one thing to achieve immediate results and yet another to sustain them for over 10 years.

John Edwards - CEO
Bangor Savings Bank