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We help organizations flourish through coaching and training for optimum performance. Specifically, we believe in Humanity-Centered Leadership (SM) and advocate the modeling of humility, compassion, grace and hope in large scale organizations and tight, mission-driven teams.

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Troy Geesaman

Troy Geesaman


Troy is passionate about helping teams operate at their maximum potential. With more than 30 years of corporate, marketing agency, and military leadership experience, he coaches, challenges, and encourages executives and managers to work through and solve organizational challenges that hinder growth and productivity. He has a "superpower" in understanding and interpreting human behavior - which leads to insight-driven, strategic work accomplished by engaging and empowering the voices and talents in teams to deliver the best work. His colleagues marvel at his ability to draw out everyone's input – especially those often marginalized – and entice all participants into becoming eager contributors to the team's success. 

His career started in the field of managerial accounting and then progressed across multiple disciplines in corporate organizations (McCormick, Cadbury Schweppes, USG), including finance, sales communications, field marketing, brand management, and innovation. Then crossing over to the agency side of marketing, Troy advised, mentored, and developed strategic marketing and innovation plans with leaders across CPG food, beverages, spirits, banking, pharmaceutical, industrial products and convenience retail sectors.

Through the years, Troy has managed teams of all sizes - from 2-3 individuals to large, cross-functional departments. He has also been a team trainer for insight development, chief facilitator for team dynamics assessment and training, innovation team moderator, lead ethnographic researcher, and adjunct university professor.

Troy earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Gettysburg College and a M.S. in Marketing at Johns Hopkins University. He is an Adjunct Professor and Business Leadership Center Instructor for the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, and former Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Liberty University. His personal credo is to always be curious, think critically, communicate well, and live compassionately.