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About TAB Boston Northwest

TAB helps forward-thinking business owners grow their businesses, increase profitability and improve their lives by leveraging local business advisory boards, private business coaching, and proprietary strategic services.

Helping private business owners improve their businesses and personal lives through real world advice from peers, private coaching, and TAB’s proprietary tools.

Team Leaders

Electra Govoni

Electra Govoni


With over 25+ years’ experience, Electra is a skilled executive who specializes in leading transformative changes in companies delivering operational excellence, streamlined technology and a diverse, energized and engaged workforce. Electra holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from Merrimack College and a Masters level Certificate from Boston College’s Winston Center for Leadership and Ethics – Leadership for Change.

Accountability, direction, advice, goal setting, camaraderie. I know what to do and get great advice as well. The daily grind can inhibit you from executing your plan. TAB helps me stay focused on the goals and helps me achieve them.

Kenneth Bobarg - President

I love the feedback and knowing that when we make a business decision that we, the board and our coach have looked at it from all angles and we feel really confident we have made the right decision.

Lindsay Woods - CEO
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