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Our practice is focused on helping business leaders and their teams diagnose and solve the challenges of leading and managing people. We're passionate about delivering “answers for the real world.”

Somers HR Solutions, LLC is an independent consultancy dedicated to helping business leaders and their teams diagnose and solve the challenges of managing people. Managing Partner, Ken Somers, is passionate about delivering “answers for the real world.”

Ken’s career spans more than 40 years as both an HR practitioner and executive leader. In addition to his domestic experiences, he has lived and worked in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, India, and Malaysia. He completed his most recent posting as the interim country head for a major global insurance company’s back-office operation in Poland. Ken’s vast international experience enables him to bring a thoughtful and pragmatic perspective to solving client challenges.

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Ken Somers

Ken Somers

Managing Partner

Ken brings more than 40 years of Human Resources and line executive and practitioner experience to his client relationships. In addition to the United States, he has lived and worked across multiple industries in 6 countries (5 in Asia and 1 in Europe). As a consequence, there are very few situations that he has not previously navigated with his clients.
Ken is widely acknowledged for quickly establishing trust and critical thought partnership. This essential trust is attained through his naturally engaging style, a focus on practical solutions, and the use of some well-timed humor. After all, at times, coaching conversations can be challenging. As an exceptionally good listener, Ken demonstrates vulnerability with his clients and expects the same, in return. While he tries to make the coaching process a pleasant experience, there is business to be done and Ken partners with clients to keep a laser focus on progressing through the cycle.
His coaching assignments typically involve the use of a proprietary 360 tool that delivers a comprehensive and holistic view of how the client enables or inhibits organizational results. An underlying premise is that the specific context in which the client operates matters. This tool and the subsequent discussion about the results yields a specific and attainable set of objectives that Ken partners with the client to achieve.
While Ken has worked with many different kinds of functional leaders, he has a particular passion for helping HR practitioners who are committed to increasing their organizational influence and impact. As a consummate networker, he can draw on resources and solutions literally from around the planet.
Ken earned a BA in English Literature and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He lives with his spouse and their 12-year-old puppy in Groton, CT. Time zones and travel (when COVID is better controlled) are routine challenges that are easily overcome.
Ken has helped executives and their teams by:
• Coaching leaders and managers on soft skills e.g., empathy, active listening, emotional intelligence to improve their effectiveness and focus on personal growth.
• Working with managers to develop stronger prioritization and delegation skills and habits to reduce stress and attain greater work/life balance.
• Coaching executives on communication style and presentation skills to build their reputations and enhance career growth.
• Working with leaders to enhance their executive presence and their organizational effectiveness and impact.
• Developing leadership team cohesiveness to drive business growth and agility.
• Leading/facilitating strategic offsites to align & motivate executives resulting in action plans to adddress challenging business realities.

Ken has brought significantly more than I did expect – professional mentoring, being always available, sharing advice and providing candid feedback. It sounds possibly as a standard set of behaviors and skills however the quality of the conversations, trust built from day 1 and wealth of experience Ken has demonstrated made the relationship special from my perspective. I believe his listening and coaching skills, genuine care for people, strategic thinking, deep HR content knowledge and overal

Jarek Tobola - Head of AXA XL Poland

Ken is an incredible thought partner and I love collaborating with him. He has helped me with a variety of things such as new leader integrations, coaching, top team effectiveness, and multiple projects where I needed a strategic thought partner who can also roll up his sleeves and pitch in to help meet tight deadlines and incorporate feedback from multiple stakeholders. He is the kind of person you trust instantly, as if you’ve known him for years. He has a wealth of HR knowledge, so whenever I

Dana Scarcella - Head of HR
Novonix Group