SOAR Community Network, LLC

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Helping organizations SOAR by working on their Purpose, People and Processes.

SOAR Community Network (SCN) facilitates organizational growth, wellness and sustainability to enable greater social impact. We provide customized solutions to map strategic direction, authenticate internal messages, capture shared values, (PURPOSE) develop conscious leaders, align teams, (PEOPLE) assess and improve operational/IT efficiencies, and implement programs (PROCESS) that ensure sustainable growth and healthy corporate cultures.

Team Leaders

Mali Phonpadith

Mali Phonpadith


Mali Phonpadith is the CEO of the SOAR Community Network (SCN), TEDx speaker, two-time #1 international best selling author, marketing strategist, business consultant, strategic planning facilitator, podcaster and the Executive Producer/Host of Tea with Mali cable TV show. In 2015, Mali was selected as a Belief Team community partner through Values Partnership for the Oprah Winfrey's OWN Network BELIEF initiative. She and her experts at SCN works with independent brands, small and mid-sized businesses, and nonprofits to develop and implement strategic plans that align their employees and missions to create greater social impact. Her S.O.A.R. Mapping process, workshops and retreats have helped clients reach their strategic planning, team alignment, marketing/branding, career/entrepreneurship transition and leadership development goals. Mali is also the Cofounder of SCN Nebula, a membership-based community and resource hub for conscious leaders desiring to create greater social impact. She is the producer/host of the SOAR Community Podcast an a four-time author, including A Million Fireflies, her memoir about her voyage from war-torn Laos to America. She has been nominated for several awards including Heroines of Washington D.C. Award by the March of Dimes and twice for the Women of the Year Award by NEW – Network Executive Women. She was awarded the iBoss Navigator award in 2018 for her work in helping small businesses message their mission and soar to success.  Mali has over 20 years of marketing, sales, and business development experience. She also ran a financial services practice for seven years where she created and implemented risk management strategies for hundreds of clients. Mali is a community champion for several local non-profits and sits on the board of the Lao Heritage Foundation. She is the Founder of the SOAR Community Summit and producer/host of the SOAR Community Podcast. As a bestselling author, Mali also coauthored Seen and Sustained, a professional workbook for small businesses. In 2017, Born to Be Me, a compilation of authentic stories from 19 international female authors, made Amazon’s #1 International Bestseller List. In 2018, she contributed to The Balancing Act, which also made the #1 International Bestseller List. Mali has shared her insights at hundreds of events, corporate retreats, classrooms, board rooms and conferences, including at The Library of Congress, Smithsonian, University of Maryland, George Mason University, SAIC and other national venues.  Huffington Post,, Better Business Bureau (BBB) Trusted Magazine, BBB Podcast, Advisor Today Magazine, Asian Fortune Newspaper, WJLA DC, Radio Free Asia, WUSA9, WHUR Radio, BWMOC Magazine, America Meditating Radio, Voice of America, and numerous blog talk radio programs have featured Mali's journey and expertise.
Victor Cora Nazario

Victor Cora Nazario


Victor Cora Nazario oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization. He is responsible for ensuring our technology systems and work processes keep us efficient and innovative. With over 25 years of experience managing IT infrastructure needs, budgets, vendor relations, and help desk support teams for small and midsize businesses, Victor works with clients as their lead technologist and virtual CIO helping organizations align their business objectives with IT. Victor started his career as an Airman in the Air Force as a Network Administrator for the Andrews Office Network. He then moved on to work as a Senior Network Administrator for government contractors, software development, construction and a non-profit organization. His consulting career started by creating a Managed Services Provider that specialized in supporting small to mid-sized companies by managing their IT function. His duties enabled him to develop technicians, create engagements, handle billing and the relationship with clients and prospects with the goal of growing the IT services practice. His work included planning, budgeting, vendor and IT Department management. Victor works with clients to ensure that their IT departments are meeting their needs of data sharing, availability and process automation. This work includes talking with clients about their requirements, acting as liaison between the client and software vendors and instructing the client’s executive suite on the best courses of action to take in order to meet client business objectives and exceed client expectations.
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