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We're on a Mission to Build Communities not Workforces - Introducing C3 Communities

We build Compassionate, Cohesive and Collaborative (C3) communities within organizations using behavioral science and talent optimization tool sets. Our C3 Community Framework was designed to help growing organizations improve innovation and drive business results. We do this by mapping strategic direction, optimizing talent and operationalizing values by assessing and restructuring policies, procedures and technology.

We partner with private, public and nonprofit clients who are committed to creating a culture of inclusion, compassion and cohesion because they understand that their employees are people first; human beings who want to contribute their talents and creativity to causes they believe in and missions that matter. Executives and leaders who hire us understand that engaged employees and elevated human beings enhance productivity, drive business results and increase profitability by more than 20%.

We partner with our clients to map their purpose and set strategic priorities, optimize their talent and align employees’ behavioral strengths with the work to be done and help operationalize their core values to increase engagement and maintain their C3 communities throughout the organization. Our C3 Community Framework elevates compassion at every level of leadership, creates cohesive internal communities and fosters effective collaboration by designing high performing and innovative teams.

EDWOSB and SWaM Certified
Talent Optimization Certified

Team Leaders

Mali Phonpadith

Mali Phonpadith


Mali Phonpadith is the Founder and CEO of the SOAR Community Network (SCN), #1 International Best Selling Author, TEDx Speaker, Cofounder of SCN Nebula, Corporate Retreat Facilitator, Connectpreneur Business Coach, Catalogue for Philanthropy Reviewer, and OWN Belief Team Partner. Mali has 21+ years of experience as a business and marketing strategist.

As the Founder and CEO of the SOAR Community Network, she leads a dedicated consortium of business experts who support business owners, growing teams and social enterprises to map their purpose, develop their people and improve their processes to create greater social impact.

Mali has been nominated for Heroines of Washington D.C. Award by the March of Dimes. She was nominated twice for the Women of the Year Award by NEW – Network Executive Women and recognized as the iBoss Capital Navigator for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and thrive.

She is a four-time author, including A Million Fireflies, her memoir about her voyage from war-torn Laos to America. In 2017, Born to Be Me, a compilation of authentic stories written alongside 18 international female authors, made Amazon’s #1 International Bestseller List. In 2018, The Balancing Act also hit the #1 International Bestseller List.

Mali has been featured at The Library of Congress, Smithsonian, University of Maryland, George Mason University, SAIC, Southeast Asian Resource Action Center (SEARAC), Lao American Writer’s Summit, American Association of University Women, Northern VA Women’s Business Conference, VA Health and Wellness Conference, Network Nova Women’s Summit, Vistage, and many other organizations. Huffington Post, Entrepreneur.com, Asian Fortune Newspaper, WJLA DC, Radio Free Asia, WHUR Radio, Voice of America, Better Business Bureau's Trusted Magazine and BBB Podcast have also spotlighted her work at SCN.


Victor Cora Nazario

Victor Cora Nazario


Victor Cora Nazario oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization. He is responsible for ensuring our technology systems and work processes keep us efficient and innovative. With over 25 years of experience managing IT infrastructure needs, budgets, vendor relations, and help desk support teams for small and midsize businesses, Victor works with clients as their lead technologist and virtual CIO helping organizations align their business objectives with IT.

Victor started his career as an Airman in the Air Force as a Network Administrator for the Andrews Office Network. He then moved on to work as a Senior Network Administrator for government contractors, software development, construction and a non-profit organization. His consulting career started by creating a Managed Services Provider that specialized in supporting small to mid-sized companies by managing their IT function. His duties enabled him to develop technicians, create engagements, handle billing and the relationship with clients and prospects with the goal of growing the IT services practice. His work included planning, budgeting, vendor and IT Department management.

Victor works with clients to ensure that their IT departments are meeting their needs of data sharing, availability and process automation. This work includes talking with clients about their requirements, acting as liaison between the client and software vendors and instructing the client’s executive suite on the best courses of action to take in order to meet client business objectives and exceed client expectations.

It has been a great experience working with the SOAR team. They answered all of our questions in a timely manner and working with them has been very easy, seamless and fun. It was an excellent program! We will want to continue this work and show our employees that we’re going to invest in their leadership development.

Kathy Sullivan - Chief Financial Officer
The Boon Group

I was really impressed with the high participation and engagement. I think people got super vulnerable because SOAR really set the tone with sharing your story. And I think that just made people very comfortable to let their guard down and be vulnerable. And then just the genuine breakthroughs of having additional connections with your teammate outside of your day-to-day core functions. It was real team development. My team realized, “Hey, we’re doing this to get better together.”

John Parafinczuk - Agency President
Insurance Marketing Center

We recently utilized SOAR’s service to help prepare and position our organization for our next level of growth. I was amazed at the deep insight SOARs’ assessments provided for each individual team member—and for departments and the company as a whole. Utilizing that insight and best practice techniques taught during a SOAR workshop, we are already seeing enhancements in communications and collaboration across the organization. Thanks to SOAR, our entire team is accelerating to the next level!

Greg Matranga - VP of Sales