Smart EDI Solutions LLC

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About Smart EDI Solutions LLC

Smart EDI Solutions provides consulting services and talent optimization solutions to foster diversity, equity and inclusion program and initiatives to achieve sustainable results.

Smart EDI Solutions offers consulting services to help organizations bridge the gap between their business strategy and people strategy to obtain a competitive advantage. Our mission is to advance the future of work today, by empowering organizations to attract and select the best diverse talent, create dynamic teams and build championship workplace cultures.

Team Leaders

Randolf St. Leger


Diversity Consultant

“Headed by a born leader with a diverse background in the world of business, there is no doubt “Smart EDI Solutions” will provide the support and professional direction necessary to take any organization to the next level.”

Jasmine Brathwaith - HR Independent Contractor

"Nicole Smart is an extremely bright individual. Work with Nikki and she will light up the path you need to travel.”

Steven Levee - Producer