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About Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC

Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC, a Sirocco Company, provides coaching, consulting and education to help leaders lead authentically to engage and align the organization to achieve the company’s strategy, financial objectives, and purpose

Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC and Sirocco Well-Being, LLC are both part of the Sirocco Companies. We have joined our unique company’s offerings together to help organizations heighten engagement and performance to achieve profitable growth and fulfill their purpose. Our mission is to coach, consult, and educate to maximize leadership effectiveness, optimize talent, and energize organizational health and well-being.

Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC specifically works with leaders to connect to their authentic self, define and cultivate their innate gifts, talents and values to optimize their leadership style and effectiveness. As a result, they will lead by inner strength, create trust and engagement and maximize their team talent for high performance. We work onsite, virtually and at Winds of Change Farm Learning Center.

Authentic leaders know that optimizing the gifts and talents of their people is their competitive edge in the marketplace. When people are using their talents, they are creatively engaged and achieve at a high level whether they are managing, selling or welding. We believe that talent is everywhere because all people have natural gifts and talents, but it has to be identified, cultivated and optimized and that is where we can help you.

Team Leaders

Joan Starkowsky, MA, BCC

Joan Starkowsky, MA, BCC


I am a Board Certified leadership, life, and engagement coach, consultant, teacher and speaker. I inspire organizations and individuals to find passion, energy and fulfillment in life and work. As an executive and leadership coach, I help leaders and their senior management teams connect to their authentic self, define and cultivate their innate gifts and talents, and optimize their leadership style, so they can lead by strength and maximize their team talent.

I am an entrepreneur who owns two companies, Sirocco Coach-Consulting, LLC and Sirocco Well-Being, LLC. They are part of the Sirocco Companies, Inspiring Leadership, Passion, Energy & Performance. These two companies join their unique offerings together to help organizations heighten engagement and performance to achieve profitable growth and fulfill their purpose.

I am the founder and former president of Roadway Reverse Logistics, Inc., a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 Company. As an innovator and inventor, I led my team in the invention of a web portal and the associated business process, which earned us a Unite States Patent.

My Specialties: Authentic leadership, talent optimization and development, employee engagement, health and well-being.

Mary Ellen Garofalo, MSN, RN, CRRN, SPHR

Mary Ellen Garofalo, MSN, RN, CRRN, SPHR


Mary Ellen Garofalo, MSN, RN, CRRN, SPHR has held leadership roles in health care and the business sector for over 30 years. She is a master’s level registered nurse, a human resource professional, entrepreneur, teacher, speaker and coach. She was the Director of the Transitional Care Program for a national home health care company. As the Director of Human Resources for health care and business enterprises, Mary Ellen worked as a generalist handling all aspects of the human resource role. Her educational background includes an MS in Nursing, Leadership and Clinical Systems Management.

Joan worked as a coach-consultant to me and my team of four Vice Presidents for a year, meeting with us monthly.  We worked in areas like strengths, building trust among ourselves and with our followers, and recognizing and employing a broader range of situation- appropriate leadership styles.  Joan is an excellent coach!  Even among a group of seasoned senior leaders, she engendered a remarkable amount of growth and development.  Joan is a pleasure to work with.  I sincerely recommend her.

Nancy Kerins - Senior Vice President, Production and Delivery

Joan Starkowsky, in her role as a business coach-consultant to the Millennial Group, has helped the partners focus on what drives and motivates us to serve our clients. One of the things that we appreciate most about Joan is, as a business leader herself, she is not talking just in theory about what we do and how we do it. She has lived this in her role as president of a subsidiary of a major corporation and understands the human resources, operations and finance issues related to actually run

Jess W. Hurst II, CFP - Partner

I highly recommend Joan Starkowsky for anyone who is looking to change, better their careers and find personal happiness. At first, I thought I would attend a few sessions with Joan and be on my way to happiness, a sense of self and live more productively in a career that was a better fit for me. However, I found it involves a personal journey with months of digging deep inside studying my behaviors, strengths and challenges and minimizing those holding me back while maximizing my potential.

Lucy Stinard - Regional Manager, Occupational Health