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Talent Advisory, retained executive search, C-suite coaching, recruiter training 

CEOs want to eliminate hiring misfires, know if they have the right people in the right seats, understand why some overperform while others disappoint, and align their business goals and strategies with their staff and new hires.

Strategic and evolved executive teams understand that a “one-size fits all management style” isn’t effective, and they want to empower their managers and employees to be successful.

Since 1985 I’ve worked with management teams in every imaginable industry and verticle market on a myriad of talent-related issues. My career has been centered around talent in every capacity. Predictive Index is a game-changer like none other – it supports every possible talent issue in any size company.

I tell every CEO and management team – “get your house in order before considering adding to it.” There’s great power in self -awareness, and understanding what drives your people. The science behind PI, coupled with my three decades of hands-on talent-centric experience, will translate into a transformative experience for your company. Let me help you harness cutting-edge science to inform all your complex decisions around fixing leadership, talent, sales, and operations.

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Barry Shulman

Barry Shulman