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We empower you to effectively lead, motivate and utilize your people—while building high performance teams—to achieve real business results.

SHIFT helps organizations secure a competitive edge by backing the best people and fully leveraging their leadership talents. SHIFT is committed to helping our clients succeed by maximizing human capital investments through impeccable hiring decisions, optimized organizational structure, and superior leadership development.

Team Leaders

Val Yaw

Val Yaw


Val Yaw is founding partner of SHIFT, a Colorado based team committed to delivering exceptional business results consulting to like-minded leaders.

Craig Madsen

Craig Madsen


Craig is committed to the successful integration and implementation of robust analytical tools and resources that effectively manage risk in today’s competitive business environment.

Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman

Client Success Manager

Amanda is responsible for ongoing enhancements to the level of service provided to our clients, including dedicated client support, further-refined systems and response times, knowledge transfer, workshop delivery, and more.

"The team at SHIFT is outstanding in both supporting our organizational needs and collaborating with us to ensure we put the right programs in place and at a pace that ensures quality traction, thank you Val Yaw!"

Jay Scherrer - Chief Operating Officer

"Genuinely honest feedback, a thoughtful approach, and keen understanding of what it takes to bring organizations to the next level... that is what you get with Val and SHIFT."

Brett Unzicker - Executive Vice President