RoundTable Consulting

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About RoundTable Consulting

RoundTable Consulting helps you establish the dynamics for a positive workplace and healthy organization to move forward with boldness. We help you identify those areas that need the most attention and address them with a specific plan: executive coaching

Mission and Goals:
We believe that authentic leaders transform organizations. Through interconnected services of executive coaching, strategic planning and facilitation, we help leaders develop their full potential and enhance the success and effectiveness of their organizations.
Our engagements emphasize developing organizational health by strengthening leadership teams united by a compelling vision, mutual trust, clear communication, and helping create a culture of growth and constant improvement.

Our Philosophy:
We believe strong relationships with our clients lead us to create effective, customized, holistic solutions. You are unique and so are the challenges you face as a leader. RoundTable Consulting invests in forging a deep relationship to learn about your company and its culture then crafts a solution to address your specific needs. No formulaic answers or cookie-cutter solutions, and no partial remedies that treat only symptoms; your organization’s unique balance is restored.
The name RoundTable Consulting embodies the sense of equality in sharing that is a hallmark of effective facilitation. It reflects the warmth of open conversation and clear communication, as well as the concept of constantly striving for personal and organizational improvement in a collaborative setting.