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About Resource PI

As a Certified Partner of the Predictive Index, we are licensed to provide training and support to client firms utilizing the PI® system, a set of proven tools to help managers grow their people and their business.

Do you need help to address your most pressing people problems? Do you need someone to give you a fresh perspective on those problems? Then you should speak with one of our partners who combine their years of management experience with their understanding of PI ® to provide guidance for leaders where their business goals and people decisions converge.

Team Leaders

George McColgan

George McColgan

Managing Partner

George McColgan has over twenty-five years’ experience as an advisor to client firms. He has helped companies use PI to build stronger sales and management teams and improve their success rate in hiring, motivating, and developing their staff.

Kim Galle

Senior Partner

Kim Galle, CPA, has served as a Sr. Partner for over fifteen years. She skillfully and energetically teaches managers how to build stronger sales and management teams as well as how to motivate their people in order to achieve optimal potential.

Carla Rojas

Carla Rojas


Carla has over 15+ years experience as a human capital advisor, strategic business partner, and an executive coach. She specializes in team development by advising organizational leaders on how to hire, manage, and motivate using behavioral analytics

Donna Baines

Donna Baines

Client Engagement Partner & Certified Trainer

Donna has spent the last 4 years immersed in the PI methodology. It's her passion to help all clients fully leverage PI to achieve their business & people goals which she does through training workshops and providing world-class client support.

"PI gives us a competitive advantage in how we staff and build the very best human capital within our organization. All of our executive team has been trained in the principles of the PI. Giving the team the knowledge that comes with PI has allowed."

Paul Burton - Vice President of Operations
Ducommun Aerospace – New York

"Since we started working with Resource PI, we have gone from 50% success rate to 85-90% hiring success rate, not because we suddenly got smarter, but because we started using the PI tools."

David Gibson - President & CEO
X-Ray Optical Systems