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The challenges that leaders face today are numerous; hiring smart, managing teams and engaging employees are amongst the most difficult. Both the hard costs and the soft costs of a bad hire are substantial. Building and sustaining high performing teams are tantamount to an organization’s success and its ability to protect margins in a fiercely competitive global market. Jennifer Gould and Reach Consulting leverage the power of The Predictive Index to drive measurably better results.

Team Leaders

Jennifer J. Gould

Jennifer J. Gould


Jennifer Gould is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 30 years of success across a multitude of industries including, healthcare, technology, real estate/architecture/engineering and, consumer services. Leveraging extensive experience pr

There was a resounding acknowledgement amongst both my CEO and Key Executive Boards that both the behavior assessment and the job assessment features of PI could have a measurable impact in growing their leadership teams and organizations as a whole.

Fred L. Carpenter - Master Chair
Vistage, Los Angeles & Phoenix

Thanks to the work we’ve done with Reach Consulting and Jennifer Gould, our recruiting process has been transformed; we are now using the Predictive Index (both Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments) as part of our vetting process for all new hires.

F. Bradley Randall - Principal

Jennifer helped me broaden the lens through which I experience my self and those in my sphere. As a result, I feel more confident working from my strengths. It is helping me not expend unnecessary energy and leverage my innate tendencies.

Karen Barwick - Program Director, Founder
Minds Over Matter