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Prestige Development Group (PDG), a US-based software development company that specializes in providing custom web application development and nearshore developers on demand. Our team of innovative software developers are leaders in disruptive industries, and we partner with CTOs and VPs of Software Development to augment their internal teams through an effective methodology of technically vetting candidates and evaluating the ideal candidate for the perfect business cultural fit.
We understand the challenges faced by Software Development Departments in meeting stringent application development initiatives while navigating a tight labor market, which is why we provide businesses with the option to outsource their development needs to our team of experts. At PDG, we stay current with the latest recruiting technology and have the resources to scale capacity to meet hiring demands, allowing us to navigate the software development recruiting environment with ease.
Our passion for giving back and commitment to establishing social programs for abused and battered women is at the core of our company culture. As a female-owned business founded by our CEO Tiffany Sequeira, we are proud to bring people, technology, process, and metrics into your application development initiatives while making a positive impact on our community.
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Team Leaders

Tiffany Sequeira

Tiffany Sequeira


Tiffany Sequeira has spent 20 years in the Information Technology space. Quality, innovation and exceptional service have become the benchmarks she embraces to lead her family of companies. These core principles, instilled in the Tiffany Jorge family of companies, drive each aspect of our business from operations to management.