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About Pottinger and Associates Consulting

Pottinger and Associates Consulting prides itself in inspiring growth and sustaining excellence; through the intentional work of developing strong leaders, the employment of sound tools and strategies and the creation of a strong corporate culture.

Pottinger and Associates Consulting specializes in leadership development, coaching, human resource consulting and keynote speaking engagements. Established in 2017 with a dynamic and innovative team of leadership experts transforming lives across North America. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of services to our clients with cutting edge tools and techniques guaranteed to produce amazing business results.

Team Leaders

Chauna-Kaye Pottinger

Chauna-Kaye Pottinger

Chief Operating Officer

A motivated, personable, dynamic and impactful thought leader with over 14 years of professional work experience. A certified Project Management Professional and Risk Management consultant, and diversity trainer Chauna-Kaye has led out in a range of workshops, seminars and keynote speaking engagement in the Caribbean and North America.

Jaymie Pottinger

Jaymie Pottinger


Mr. Pottinger is a strong and decisive leader with the capacity to influence and inspire people through transformational leadership, public speaking engagements and training and development. He has delivered several motivational speeches in schools across Jamaica as well as the United States.