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About Play to Win with The Success Catalyst

The Success Catalyst ignites the power of teams and individuals to Play to Win. We assist leaders to escape limiting attitudes and beliefs to become more enlightened, engaged and productive in the pursuit of their business objectives.

The Success Catalyst works with companies that compete in business environments where intangible benefits are integral to their value proposition, Cognitive Services Markets. The Cognitive Services markets span from professional service companies to any business that offers uniquely designed, configured or engineered services or products. The Success Catalyst leverages expertise in executive leadership, sales, marketing, and talent optimization assisting companies to achieve business objectives.

Team Leaders

Chris Kremer

Chris Kremer

Founder, Leader

As a respected leader within professional services, technology, medical devices, and consumer products, I have a proven history of success in revitalizing brands, re-energizing lethargic teams, and disrupting market segments to transform stagnant organizations into flourishing enterprises. I have built an expansive, diverse corporate career as an entrepreneur and board member, helping businesses clearly anticipate, identify, and create solutions that ensure ongoing momentum and growth.

The Play to Win program has improved our company in countless ways. Simply stated, we’ve transformed. Using root cause analysis, we’ve broken down the silo mentality that was holding us back to form a unified team with a common goal – to win! Our managers are owning their departments and finding solutions to problems with a new sense of urgency. We’ve learned to resourcefully gather data to create metrics that drive smart decisions.

Jeff Catalano - Jeff Catalano
Thybar Corporation

The Success Catalyst guided AFC to create a systematic sales system. Our customers now see AFC as a “solution provider”, rather than order takers. When a customer faces a challenge, we are now the first call. The cultural change at AFC has been transformational through The Success Catalyst.

Chris Lewis - Chris Lewis

Working with The Success Catalyst I learned that we were not being selective in our client engagements, I constantly felt behind on client deliverables, even though I was working late into the night many nights of the week. It was a very stressful time. Since working with The Success Catalyst, we have experienced revenue growth of 59% and profitability growth of 132%.

Sean Parnell - Sean Parnell