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The best teams win. Period. PARAGON provides best-in-class tools that empower leaders to more objectively understand, manage and predict their most important asset - their people.

At PARAGON, my motto is simple. The best teams win. From entry-level to C-Suite, from strategy to implementation, from hiring to inspiring, it’s imperative that you not only have a clear mission and vision but that your human capital and organizational strategies align.

I partner with your company to:
– Develop and implement transformational initiatives
– Ensure that you have the tools, training, and coaching to maintain the momentum indefinitely
– Take the goals of your organization to new heights through data-driven utilization of your human capital

Culture and top performance don’t happen by accident – they’re intentional. My expertise and tools will help you get there.

Team Leaders

Zachary Shurtleff

Zachary Shurtleff


Before materializing his passion for talent optimization by founding PARAGON, Zachary gained experience at world-renowned companies such as Apple and Tesla. It was at these companies that his drive to develop and empower top-performing teams and leaders caught fire.

He has an insatiable desire to develop innovative solutions that solve the most complex people and organizational behavior problems. When he discovered The Predictive Index® with his most recent company, an industry-leading wheelchair accessible vehicle manufacturer, he immediately knew it was a game-changer. Being able design and implement human capital strategy more objectively with real data was a no-brainer and he developed such a deep conviction of its capability to transform companies that he decided to share it with the world via his consultancy, PARAGON.