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Small Business Management and Strategy Coaching and Consulting

We exist to create rich environments for self discovery, knowledge and creation that build the confidence of leaders for the benefit of the communities and businesses that these leaders serve.
Areas Of Focus Include Leadership, Team Management & Culture, Systems And Processes, Productivity, And Strategic Planning

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Here’s the skinny on me. I am a business coach, speaker and strategist. I have never saved a baby from a burning building or scaled Mt. Everest. However, through years of running different operations I have an uncanny knack for seeing other business owner’s vision and putting that into an actionable plan for success. I love business and everything that comes with it.

After getting a degree in Economics, I then spent ten years in corporate America in banking and finance and another 2 years with a small private financial education firm. I use this experience to help small business owners learn to scale their business to create more freedom in their lives.

I have helped entrepreneurs become New York Times best sellers, get on the Inc. 500 list as well as other accomplishments. I love working on various projects and am persistent in achieving objectives.

When I am not coaching or writing I, along with my wife and 4 cute little girls, live in Salt Lake City, Utah. When asked to describe myself, I will tell you that I am “funny, charming, interesting, and handsome,” all of which claims are highly questionable other than the first. I enjoy running, sports, music, hanging out with family, and reading when I am not busy helping others capitalize on their potential.

It was helpful to think about what it looked like to scale my business for future growth and breaking down the components of a successful business. In addition to that, I learned the importance of connecting with my team and building relationships on an individual level.

Dr Donna Williams
Morningside Dental

I recently attended a management workshop put together by Brandon Allen and walked away with a better understanding of how to delegate to my team and more clarity on my next step in business.

Dr Dean Potapinski
Confederated Chiropractic

I realized that we were not being powerful managers and that we hold the key to our team’s motivation. We are clear on how to manage our team, how to engage and empower our team as well as how to make our team meetings more fun. In addition to that, I feel like we have a better process from confronting our team and handling it effectively.

Khou Graffeo
Parkview Chiropractic Center