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About Never Lose The Deal

We help fast growing companies to achieve revenue goals by building high performing sales teams & streamlining processes

Some of the challenges we help CEOs and Senior executives overcome are to:

– Design a winning sales organization
– Scale the organization while increasing productivity
– Leverage critical people, customers and operations data to make decisions
– Implement repeatable and measurable sales processes
– Deploy the right tools to maximize sales effectiveness and optimize talent

Most CEOs have a well defined business strategy and know what results they want to achieve. However, they struggle with getting the people and process part right as most people decisions whether it is hiring or managing is driven mostly by their gut.

We take a scientific approach by leveraging critical people data to design, hire and inspire high performing sales teams. With the right team in place, we help streamline your sales process by applying a simple and effective A.A.A principle – Align, Analyze & Ask in combination with data analytics and tools.

Team Leaders

Ganesh Tayi

Ganesh Tayi

Author, Speaker & CEO

Ganesh is an Author, Speaker and CEO of Never Lose The Deal. Ganesh founded Never Lose The Deal based on his book of the same name and helps Senior Executives and CEOs of fast growing companies to achieve revenue goals by building high performing sales teams & streamlining processes.

Throughout his executive career, Ganesh has held multiple leadership positions with increasing responsibility. Towards the end of his tenure with Motorola, Ganesh was Vice President and General Manager for Motorola’s Global Push To Talk business with P&L responsibility for $500 Million.

I have known Ganesh Tayi for more than 12 years and have seen him close complex deals worth billions of dollars. He has an uncanny ability to develop creative proposals that meet customer needs and exceed organization expectations. For advice on closing multi-million dollar deals, I would look no further than Ganesh – his knowledge and experience are invaluable in closing all sales contracts.

Sheetal Shah - SVP of Product & Operations
Impossible Foods

Ganesh closed several multi-million dollar sales deals under challenging circumstances. His breadth and depth of experience in negotiating sales contracts of a wide range of complexity and scale is tough to match. I highly recommend Ganesh for advice on closing multi-million dollar deals as he is very skilled and knowledgeable in consistently closing large sales contracts.

Rudinei Kalil - VP & GM

Ganesh brings a unique blend of preparation, persistence and flexibility to his negotiating style. He knows all the angles, all the players and all the choices the other side might make. He is unafraid to push forward in spite of obstacles, but also brings an unusual ability to answer obstacles with flexibility. Getting most of what you want now, with a path to getting more later turns out to be an excellent strategy.

Vanessa Wittman - Chief Financial Officer