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About Motivelopment

Motivelopment provides people solutions and engaging learning & development experiences to enhance careers and build leadership competencies.

We motivate and inspire people and teams to be the best possible versions of themselves. From planning, attracting and engaging talent to coaching individuals and teams to optimal performance, we are the people partner you can rely on. Together we’ll build cognitively and behaviorally diverse teams, engaged and motivated to perform at their best.
Motivelopment provides talent assessments and customized learning solutions. We create engaging team workshops and retreats. Let us design and facilitate management and leadership development programs that support your strategic direction. Whether you aim to build a strong team, increase employee engagement, drive retention, improve communication, or increase customer service levels, we have a solution for you!

Team Leaders

Melanie Hayes

Melanie Hayes

CEO and Chief Learning Officer

Melanie has over twenty years of experience in creating learning solutions for multiple industries, including construction, retail, real estate, sales, marketing and foodservice. As a Certified Master Facilitator, she adjusts to client needs to provide the ultimate adult learning experience for any organization.

With 35 years in the industry, I have been on many training courses over the years. While the majority of these courses have been interesting and thought-provoking they have not had a long-term impact on my management style or productivity. Melanie designed a series of courses that I was fortunate to attend. Once I completed them they had an immediate and hugely positive impact on me and the people that I interact with. There is not a day when I am not applying what I learned in the program.

Peter Read - Regional Vice President

I worked with Melanie through an intensive, year-long leadership development training program. Her innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities, vision setting & alignment approach, and employee development focus were incredibly valuable to my personal and professional development. Her program was challenging and enlightening. She brings so much talent, knowledge and emotional intelligence to every interaction. She flexes to effectively communicate with any person's preference or style.

Lacey Jamison - Marketing Manager

Melanie Hayes instilled confidence in our team and provided a vision that guides us in creating and delivering high-quality work for the business. Melanie has delivered on making a positive impact on our business and my overall professional growth.

Michael Nesbitt