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About Motivation Check

MotivationCheck™ Leverages Human Capital Analytics with Microlearning to Bridge the Gap Between Clients’ People and Business Strategies.

Our Team is Dedicated to the Principles of Inclusion, Innovation, Excellence, Pride and Empowerment from the “Front Lines” to the Boardroom

MotivationCheck™ provides a comprehensive Sales, Leadership, and Employee Development Platform based on decades of real-world application and perspective, with a singular focus on Talent Optimization.

We leverage the power of Human Capital Analytics with micro learning to efficiently and effectively train employees from their DNA out — bridging the gap between clients’ People and Business Strategies.

MotivationCheck™ equips teams to maximize productivity by first unearthing what drives each unique employee, and then equipping managers and workers with the tools needed to excel — unhampered. With decades of experience helping organizations align their people and business strategies, the MotivationCheck™ team will leverage our cloud-based tools, technologies, and training methodologies to shepherd your personnel and managers to optimal greatness.

Results are dramatic, quantifiable, and backed by the data from over 20 Million active workplace employees. Culture will be transformed, morale exponentially blossom, and lives transformed when people are being managed in a way they naturally respond to.

Give us a call and start your journey by tapping into the DNA of the WORKFORCE!™

Team Leaders

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson

Principal & Co-Founder

Industry Respected Thought Leader with an Inspiring Track Record of Envisioning & Transforming Clients’ People Strategies with Their Organizational Goals - Expediting Realization of Quantitative Results, Building Unstoppable Teams and Lasting Organizational Alignment!

Passionate and Driven for Envisioning and Implementing Complex ERP Infrastructure for Sales, CRM, IT, Finance and HRMS platforms while Transforming Employee Development, Leadership, and Mentorship programs.

A Consistent Thought Leader, Workplace Innovator, Visionary and Collaborator who thirvies in identifying Global Business Strategies, Aligning Human Capital needs, crafting and communicating related solutions, and most importantly Executing on the Vision.

Executing Executive Vision Strategies
Building and Empowering Unstoppable Teams
Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives
RPA and AI platforms for Transformation Projects
Enterprise Services Solutions
P&L Responsibility
Employee Selection & Development
Strategic Solutions Consulting
Process Efficiency
Core & New Market Expansion
Branding and Identity
Environmental Awareness
Emerging Technologies
Managed Services Platforms

Paul Ortega

Paul Ortega

Principal & Founder

Accomplished Thought Leader with a multifaceted track record of nimbly uniting clients’ People Strategies with their Organizational goals, expediting realization of immediate and lasting organizational results.

History of Building Award Winning Strategic Training, Development, Leadership, and Mentorship Programs within the International Fortune 500 Human Capital / Global Staffing & Outsourcing sectors. An Innovator, Content Creator, and Collaborator specializing in identifying Human Capital needs, crafting and communicating related solutions, and Executing on Vision.

Paula Vayas - Sherman

Paula Vayas - Sherman

Principal & Co-Founder

Accomplished Leader with a multifaceted track record of nimbly building successful strategic programs within the Human Capital, Global Outsourcing, Enterprise Solutions Design, and Global Markets sectors. An Innovator, Content-Creator, and Collaborator specializing in identifying needs, crafting and communicating solutions, and executing on vision. Unifier of clients’ People Strategies and Infrastructures with their organizational goals, expediting realization of immediate and lasting organizational results.