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About Motere Consulting

Established in 2000 and located in Colorado Springs, Motere Consulting is a performance enhancement consulting firm providing management assessment and management development services.

The company was founded by Dr. Stephen Long based on his proven theory of Talent Optimization enabling him to build a statistically based predictive model of Human Performance & Leadership.

Team Leaders

Stephen Long

Stephen Long

Founder & President

As founder and president of Motere Consulting, Dr. Stephen Long applies an educative, rather than rehabilitative, consulting model resulting in an average of 115% financial performance improvement for his clients with a zero failure rate. He has applied his model with exceptional leaders, champion athletes, fighter pilots, military special operations personnel, top salespeople, high producers and corporate executives proving his model is universally applied.

You get a sense that Dr. Long is a winner, that he has achieved his goals and speaks from experience. I see no downside to working with Steve. In my terms, I would say the risk is 'dead money' and there's just upside potential.

Wall Street Trader

Steve has a keen sense of what the issues are. He put himself in my shoes and saw what my barriers were. He then showed me how to affect the things I could control and drop the rest. It's worth the money and I strongly endorse Dr. Long to anyone who is committed to taking their career to the next level.

Fortune 500 Executive

My company hired Stephen to diagnose why I was having a slump in performance. Through his counsel, I was able to dramatically improve my performance and sustain that performance during a very trying time for companies in general. He taught me it is not about what happens to you, but your response to both failure and success that drives high performance. It is a lesson I continue to relearn.

Talent Executive