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De-risk strategy execution and increase the velocity of change management with people-centric strategies.

Modernized Talent empowers Entrepreneurs & CXOs to de-risk strategy execution and increase the velocity of change management with people-centric strategies.

With our help, you can retain your top talent, boost your team’s productivity, and enhance operational efficiency, all while avoiding the costly pitfalls of low morale and high turnover.

Experience seamless transformation without compromising on your company’s most valuable asset – its people.

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Team Leaders

James Roper

James Roper


Like you, I've walked the path of leadership, braved the storm of human dynamics, and felt the frustration of relying on instincts rather than data. I've witnessed how strategic misalignment can bring a thriving business to its knees.

My first successful venture grew from ZERO to $1.2 million in just 9 months before it crumbled. The culprit? Strategic Misalignment. A single disagreement led to cracks in our foundation, resulting in a failed launch and a disjointed team.

But remember, every failure is a stepping stone to success. This led me to discover the power of talent optimization.

Today, I lead a vibrant 18-person team where each member is valued, aligned, and seen. Our strategic plans are executed seamlessly, and we consistently drive results.

Imagine a future where your team operates like a well-oiled machine, aligning their efforts with your business objectives effortlessly. A future where communication flows smoothly, conflicts are managed effectively, and each person's talents are harnessed to the fullest. Picture the joy of positive quarterly reviews!

Sounds like a dream? I assure you, it's within reach.

Let's talk. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Fernando Alves

Fernando Alves

Talent Optimization and Business Consultant

I have relevant experience in projects and roles related to corporate innovation, strategy, digital marketing, key account management, and project management.

Some of my previous clients include J&J, Revlon, G.E., Invisalign, Tata Group, and Royal Enfield. During my MBA, I worked with Huawei, Sony Pictures Animation, AT&T, and Taco Bell.

I have generated millions of dollars in revenue for my clients by launching innovative projects, improving corporate culture, and providing strategic business insights.

Throughout my career, my main deliverables have been

1. Creating market reports with actionable insights for C-Level executives
2. Developing dashboards using Tableau, Excel, VBA, and power tools
3. Managing innovative, large-scale projects
4. Selling and developing businesses in a B2B setting
5. Solving business challenges and optimizing processes
6. Building frameworks and models for decision making
7. Structuring compelling, visually impacting presentations
8. Conducting quantitative and qualitative market research

Victoria Roper

Victoria Roper

Talent Optimization and Business Consultant

“Fight for the things that you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

No no, I didn't write that... Ruth Bader Ginsburg did. But I've yet to find another quote that better summarizes my approach to leadership.

So, what do I care about?

Mental health, equal rights for all, combating climate change, women in leadership, just to name a few!

But I also really care about business.

I've spent over a decade in operations wondering why people consistently overcomplicate business.

Huge, multi-national, Fortune 500 company, trusted, local small-business, even a promising digital startup in the early stages of explosive growth...

I've seen it all, and believe it or not, it doesn't matter - it's all the same:

Leaders. Overcomplicate. Business.

Read that again...

I am on a mission to bring growth to organizations that is both profitable AND sustainable.

The best way to do that?

Invest in your people - they truly are your most precious (and most expensive) asset.

I strive to bring strategy and innovation to dynamic, fast-paced teams.

Simply put, I help executives achieve their goals by aligning their people strategy with their business strategy.

An engaged and inspired team is capable of innovation that can completely transform your business.

How high could you boost profitability if your team was empowered to make solid, data-driven decisions?

Or what if they took initiative to streamline overly complicated processes and blew you away with