Mitchell McClure

Certified Partner

About Mitchell McClure

Talent optimization for fast-growing companies.

Are you a company with more than $10M in revenue?
Are you a company with more than 20 employees?
Are people issues the most difficult ones for you to solve?
Do you believe data analytics must infiltrate every part of your business in the next three years?

Our company helps growth-minded (and growth-experiencing) companies bring objective people data to the table to deliver their ultimate dream results. Talent optimization has infiltrated all portions of society and influenced our nation’s favorite sports teams. If the highest-profile teams in the world are using data analytics to drive results, why should your company not follow suit?

We believe those who do not make a shift towards objective people management will fail to lead the next decade of successful companies.

We wake up to help you align your people strategy to deliver business results as fast as humanly possible.

Team Leaders

Jordan Mitchell

Jordan Mitchell


Co-founder of Mitchell McClure, Jordan's purpose is to methodically move your mission forward. Bringing 10 years of coaching experience, he is driven to provide elite client service with fast results. His previous experience involves working with Chick-fil-A®, working as an Executive headhunter for 11 Fortune 500's in Atlanta, and a one year apprenticeship under the managing partner of GiANT (a leader in scalable people development).

• Clemson University, Marketing (He LOVES his Clemson Tigers!)
• Talent Optimization Certified
• Certified Virtual Coach
• EOS® Implementer
• GiANT® Consultant

Drew McClure

Drew McClure

Visionary, Co-Founder

Chief Visionary & Co-Founder of Mitchell McClure. Drew sees and speaks the truth to unlock you and your team's superpowers. You must see it to believe it! He brings over 15 years of coaching experience and isn't afraid to call you up to your true potential. His experience coaching leadership teams and salespeople make him the secret weapon to high-powered people.

What you should know:
• Author: Go For It: Unlocking the Dreams Within
• Host: The Drew McClure Podcast
• Host: Zeroto5000.com Podcast

Our business has grown 25% in annual revenue and I’ve been given tools and language to develop fundamental leadership principles.

Cicily - CEO
Inc. 5000, NC

I directly tie the 43% growth in my 8 year old business this year to the implementation of the coaching I have received from Drew. He has been a game-changer for me.

Brian - Managing Vice President
Inc. 5000 company, Southeast US

We've seen a 45% increase in overall revenue since working with the M2 team about 2 years ago. We've also seen growth in less tangible areas, like the unity within the team, communication effectiveness, and leadership growth in our people.

Brad - Visionary Entrepreneur
Inc. 5000, AR