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About Mindustries

People are beautiful! Make them shine!™

At Mindustries, we believe that people are beautiful. Our Mission is to help people shine! We identify, recuperate, amplify, and maintain the human potential or simply put, talent!

Mindustries was born in 2005. The partnership with Predictive Index meant finding the way to people’s heart & mind by means of science. To this day, Predictive Index is part of few fundamental human scientific discoveries that stood the test of time. And we are proud to be part of it.

Our work revolves around helping people realize their potential and we do that at different positions or departments throughout the businesses that have entrusted us.

Human Resources, Leadership, Sales & Customer Care are the usual areas where our expertise enhances the results of the people, the process and the tools used. A different angle will find us sharpening Strategy, improving Process, delivering Knowledge through training sessions, patiently helping others through Coaching, and making sure Results & Profits are on the uptrend through Follow Up actions.

Come the end of the day, we search for the smile on any person’s face. Because happy people create healthy organizations and communities.

Team Leaders

Tony Ghiga

Tony Ghiga

Managing Partner & Founder

Tony Ghiga is the Founder of Mindustries and a Talent Optimizer.

His personal Why became his motto in business: “People are Beautiful, Make them Shine! ™ . When it comes to business, he loves getting Maximum Results with the best spent effort.

Tony’s first “breakthrough” was at Vodafone, where he learned that “serving others is a noble job”. He says he founded and built Mindustries, with that in mind.

He has personally trained over 10,000 people for the past 25 years in the crafts of leadership, human resources, sales & customer care with a keen focus on human well-being and balance.

When the business day is over, his family, music and the human mind are his passions.