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About McClain Resources

McClain Resources is an HR consulting firm providing organizations with the tools and resources to be at their best.

We provide HR consulting for small to medium size business that have no or limited HR support.

Hilary and her team at McClain Resources are top notch! She is a transformative leader and consultant. She consistently goes above and beyond to offer a high level of service that is catered to the organizational needs. Her enthusiastic energy is contagious and her entire team resembles the same charismatic approach.

Chelsey Kuzyk - Corporate Director of HR

Over a 12 month period while evaluating a significant career shift Hilary was "my person." She had served as a mentor early in my career and as I assessed my next move Hilary was the one I called. She is an excellent Executive and Life Coach and she worked closely with me as I navigated my next steps. Her experience and knowledge of the gaming industry was extremely valuable and she was able to relate to my situation both professionally and personally. I strongly recommend McClain Resources.

Carol Thompson - Gaming Executive