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About MarkahVida

MarkahVida is a consulting and coaching firm helping leaders find alignment in their personal, business and talent strategy, through value clarification, strategy development and talent optimization.

At MarkahVida we focus on working with owners and CEOs of small to mid-size businesses. Recognizing that the challenges of running a small to mid-size business are unique and very demanding, we understand the critical need for optimal talent strategies and team communication within your organization. Leveraging the power of data, we help establish strategies for success.

Team Leaders

Rebekah Hogan

Rebekah Hogan

CEO & Chief Consulting Facilitator

Rebekah has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business leader. It is through her own experiences that she has gained so much knowledge and passion for helping leaders define and execute their goals. Recognizing the need for defining values, understanding how those relate to business strategies and figuring out how to get the right team in place, Rebekah brings together many resources and tools to help her clients achieve extraordinary results.