LSH Consultancy LLC

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About LSH Consultancy LLC

Innovating profitable customer experiences by optimizing strategy and people utilization through data.

Innovative customer experiences are the essence of your success today and in the future. There are 2 critical elements, the Right Culture and the Optimal Strategy, both requiring data.

Strategy addresses your value, where to compete, what resources you require to overcome obstacles, and how to sustain your competitive edge.

Culture is the environment that enables your company to execute on its strategy.

Data tells you where you’ve been, where you’re going, and where to go.

Team Leaders

Lisa Howard

Lisa Howard

CEO and Owner

Expert in human capital and customer management. 19+ years’ experience creating cultural alignment, training in customer interaction, implementing HR procedures, and talent acquisition & development.

Scott Howard

Scott Howard

President & COO

Expert in economics, mathematics, and business operations. 22+ years’ experience in data analytics, talent acquisition & development, and strategic execution management.