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About Lisa Foulger Leadership Solutions

A recovered Corp Exec & PCC Coach, Lisa offers Entrepreneurs and Corporate clients unique value by coupling coaching expertise with her deep business leader expertise to help inspire, develop talent and discover authentic leadership journeys!

As a professionally certified coach (PCC, CIQ, 3HAG, Predictive Index, Values & Scaling UP) together with practical Entrepreneur and Corporate Executive experience, Lisa offers her clients unique value to grow and scale their mindsets, personally and professionally to design & lead authentic leadership journeys. Pulling from her vast Business Planning, Talent Optomization, Strategy Transformation, Diversity & Inclusion, Finance, Ops, Sales and Customer Operation experience over the last 30yr.

Team Leaders

Juletta Broomfield and Lisa Foulger

Juletta Broomfield and Lisa Foulger

Partners and co-founders, GOL Gobal

Juletta and Lisa are certified Gazelles Scaling Up, Gravitas Impact & 3HAG Coaches. They use these and other methodologies, processes and tools to coach leaders to innovate smartly and grow in an exponential and sustainable way. Lisa and Juletta formed GOL Global in 2018 to help Entrepreneurs scale their companies while enjoying the growth ride! They partner with clients to help apply a Strategic to Execution system that focuses upon instilling 5 pillars: Core, Strategy, People, Execution and Cash. The PI Talent Optomization suite helps tie the Strategy to People pillars.

Cannot recommend highly enough as a coach and advisor. Lisa has been an enormous help for me and my executive team. She is patient, thoughtful and thorough in her approach and with a broad spectrum of business experience that I am confident can add value to anybody seeking high level advice or coaching.

Casey Holloran - CEO
NAMU Travel

You won't scale your team, your business unit, your organization and ultimately your impact unless you grow your people. Working with Lisa and Juletta at GOL Global we were able to shift the mindset within the team. They helped us “create a sense of exponential and global mindset”.

Luis Carlos Barquero - Founding Partner
Grupo Stratos, Costa Rica

Lisa is an exceptional coach and thought provoking business leader that is well connected on both the Costa Rican business and the not for profit world. Although she is a truly global coach, being American, having had a 25 year career at HP and having lived in Costa Rica since 2007 makes her exceptional at identifying cultural barriers for successfully conducting business.

Carlos Rios - General Manager
National Instruments, Costa Rica