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I say it all the time – I’m in the business of waste management, just not the kind you usually think of first. It makes me crazy to know how much time, money, effort and resources are wasted daily because businesses don’t put their people first. In the end, every business problem is a people problem. The solution? Make your people better. Treat them as the asset they are. Invest in them. Nurture and grow them. Reap the rewards of doing so.
I named my consultancy Lazarus Learning as a nod to a resurrection story – too often L&D is either “dead” to employers (they don’t even have any) or it’s poorly handled (let’s all stop the death by PowerPoint experience!). I bring 20+ years of experience in learning, development and education to the table for my clients, providing Strategy-Design-Delivery to move the dial on making sure they have the right people in the right places doing the right things the right way for the right reasons.

Team Leaders

Michelle Arentz

Michelle Arentz


Michelle believes knowledge is power, and we all deserve to be empowered to unleash our full potential. Making employee experiences engaging and meaningful is her passion; she creates learning and development interactions that are practical, memorable, fun and meaningful. Deeply rooted in curiosity, creativity and integrity, she brings energy and enthusiasm to all her pursuits.

With degrees in Communications Studies and Education from the University of Calgary, her career tapestry has been woven primarily between corporate Learning & Development and public education. With over 20 years' experience facilitating and teaching a wide range of audiences - from high school students to manufacturing plant workers to corporate leaders in the US
and abroad - she has a strong background in bringing learning to life in ways that are sorely missing in organizations today.

Michelle has a great deal of knowledge and skill in strategy, design and delivery, using her L&D lens to focus on opportunities to support and improve HR-related activities that build positive cultures, resulting in better bottom lines. Her primary focus with clients is on employee optimization, with a spotlight on managerial development - guiding those in this keystone role
toward true leadership mindsets by becoming more engaging with others as they learn best practices of 12+ core functions necessary for Management Mastery. As a Predictive Index Certified Partner, she brings talent strategy to the fore with data-driven tools organizations need for building high performing teams, hiring right every time, coaching for optimal performance
and engaging employees at all levels. There are more tools in Michelle's toolbox than can be described here!

It's a calling, not just a career.
It's a passion, not just a paycheck.

When not helping clients, she enjoys traveling, gardening, reading, sewing, history and DIY projects. She, her husband and their dog live in the Chicagoland suburbs.

"I appreciate how much you 'get us' and are a trusted partner on so many projects for our team. The positive impact your work has in our organization is evident, and a big part of why we keep asking you back to do more."

Erin D. - Senior Director of Talent Management

"I'm always confident that what you offer brings real value to participants and makes us all look really good."

Mitch B. - Business Development Director

"Thanks so much for being a trusted and valued partner."

Eric P. - Manager, Workforce and Professional Development