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Kinsey Management positively transforms the human experience in the workplace. Using proven behavioral science and knowledge transfer, we improve hiring fit and inspire human engagement.

Kinsey Management is a consulting firm that specializes in transforming the human experience within the workplace. From hire to inspire, we provide solutions that energize human productivity and maximize organizational effectiveness. By unlocking the power of people, we improve hiring fit, cultivate leadership, inspire productivity and manage transitions. We empower leaders with scientific data, cutting-edge technology and knowledge transfer that reduces turnover and accelerates performance.

Team Leaders

Lisa Kinsey

Lisa Kinsey

Owner, President – Organizational Effectiveness Consultant

Lisa Kinsey’s expertise lies in organizational strategy, culture change, project alignment and execution. She has been on the forefront of change and transformed businesses and cultures through people-focused strategies. Lisa has held numerous leadership positions within Fortune 500 companies including sales & operations, human resources, training & development, marketing and HSE. Lisa graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelors in Business and holds a MBA from University of Houston.
Brandon Kinsey

Brandon Kinsey

Owner, President – Business Development

Brandon Kinsey’s expertise rallies around working with and through people. With a varied professional background, with an emphasis as coach and team builder, Brandon leverages his experience as a football coach to motivate leaders and build winning strategies as it relates to people. Brandon holds a B.S. in Sociology from Texas A&M University and a M.Ed in Educational Leadership from Lamar University. His passion lies in empowering leaders with the playbook to uniquely build their teams.
Kelly Mastervich

Kelly Mastervich

PI Ambassador & Consultant

Kelly Mastervich’s expertise lies in execution of human capital performance management, organizational development, HRIS implementation, culture transformation and executive talent administration. She has pioneered climate conditions as a change agent and transformed businesses and cultures through managing of people’s adaptability process. Her experience spans over sales & operations, human resources and training & development. Kelly holds a Bachelors in Business from University of Houston.

“In today’s competitive market, building effective organizational leaders and teams is paramount to success. Through the power of The Predictive Index, Kinsey Management has been vital with assisting our organization as we streamline our hiring practices and employee development initiatives to grow with and support our dynamic workforce. Kinsey Management has been instrumental throughout this process for our organization, and we are looking forward to continued success with the Kinsey team"

Jason Kreuiter - Director, Human Resources

"Kinsey Management has been extraordinary to work with. They have spent a great deal of time with me as well as our CEO to really get to know our Agency needs and wants. We admire the vision they have for Kinsey Management and the passion they share for organizational effectiveness. They have so many ideas and experiences and is eager to share. It is exciting to partner with a firm that shares similar values and goals. We look forward to a fun and innovative partnership."

Jackie Keys - Manager of People, Places, and Things

"Kinsey Management has been phenomenal partners. They took the time to listen and understand our business needs and challenges, and determine the best way forward with The Predictive Index for our company and associates. Our Hiring Managers are now able to make more informed people decisions not only around hiring the right talent but also for building and developing stronger teams. PI is easy, accurate and has become a critical component to our talent management strategies."

Emily Anne Kain Meissner - Director of Talent Management