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Helping organizations improve results by adding people based measures to their business decision making process.

At INWork we are experts in ensuring you connect critical data about your employees to the business measures, metrics and decisions you make on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We listen, question, challenge and deliver Business, People and HR engagements that focus and actionable information. Our goal is to empower a sense of ownership, act with confidence and embed best practices. Our mission is to improve the business decisions that impact the success and mission of your organization with.

Team Leaders

Gordon Ritchie


As a seasoned professional in the HR Talent Management industry, my passion is to help connect people to their work, and how to do it better. Whether its by improving the way the expectations of their job are described, what good looks like using the skills needed or developing a new way of solving business problems with HR solutions, I’ve always been focused on the employee experience and business impact.