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About IntuWork

IntuWork is a leading provider of organizational consulting and training services to nonprofit organizations,

You’re in the right place if . . .
– You’re starting in a new role and want to put your best foot forward with your leadership team.
– You want to get the leaders on your team on the same page.
– You have new leaders on your team that you want to onboard successfully

IntuWork helps you identify and build on strengths, and strategize on existing and emerging challenges while developing fresh, innovative solutions.

Team Leaders

Allecia Harley

Allecia Harley

Principal Consultant

Imagine if you had detailed insights into each of your team member's preferred work and communication styles and were able to build a team with complementary strengths and diversity of thought. You’d have a dream team that’s ready to do its best work.

I’m Allecia Harley, and I train executives in my workshops and coaching programs. I help nonprofit organizations manage conflict and strengthen team relationships.

You can learn more about my background by clicking on the LinkedIn symbol next to my title above. Send me a direct message, and I'll be sure to respond.

"If you are seeking innovative approaches, engaging relationships, and someone who can develop strategies that align with your organization's mission and vision,  I strongly recommend Allecia Harley."

Tracie Screven - Associate Director
CPASS Foundation

"Allecia is a dynamic leader and consultant. She is leading University CoWork’s efforts to grow our team.  Her strategy for hiring and onboarding has made a significant difference for our team. They really appreciate her joy."

David Lubin - Proprietor
University CoWork

"Masterful attention to detail and focused strategic planning. Allecia helped unpack and shape our organization’s true north for the next three to five years. It was a pleasure working with Allecia."

John Suggs - Executive Director
CF Charities