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About Human Capital LLC

HCC customizes people-first strategies to achieve peak performance and establish great places to work.

Human Capital Consultants (HCC) helps companies put people first while providing strategies that increase profits and performance. Our proprietary method creates focus that aligns, clarifies and optimizes talent with culture. Our unique ability to quantify qualitative aspects of change provides valuable insights that bring significant competitive advantage.

Team Leaders

Maggie Owens

Maggie Owens

CEO / Founder

Maggie Owens is the Founder and CEO of Human Capital Consultants (HCC). An international best-selling author, Maggie's keen wit, insightful storytelling, and deep experience resonates with inter-generational companies and teams. Blending art and science, Maggie quantifies qualitative changes to build and sustain accountable cultures.

Here are some demonstrable ways our culture has shifted: 1-Attention to onboarding. 2-Open-minded focus on learning. 3-Access to leadership. 4-Team building. 5-Use outside help. We contracted with Maggie Owens of Human Capital Consultants to implement our culture change.

Christina Loyas - Inventory Control Supervisor