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Bruce Craul - Predictive Index Certified Partner

Applying forty years of experience with talent optimization tool strategies to develop teams to be productive, engaged, satisfied and challenged.

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Bruce Craul

Bruce Craul

CEO & President

Prior to becoming a Predictive Index Partner, Bruce was in the Hospitality Business for almost 50 years and was a client as a COO of PI for 20 years. Bruce has always referred to PI as his secret weapon since the competition in the markets where his businesses were did not have PI or any other assessment or talent optimization tool.

John Hall

John Hall

Certified Consultant

President and owner of Hall Consulting and Partner at the Hospitality Services Group, John is a growth management professional who works with executives, owners of closely-held businesses and other clients requiring expert assistance with restaurant, entertainment, hospitality and retail related businesses; Over the years, John has earned a reputation for providing skilled and practical guidance in organizational leadership, talent optimization, project management, critical path planning, strategic planning, proforma budgets, action plans and accountability.

PI is by far the most critical tool every organization should have. The depth of insights collected from a simple assessment is phenomenal. Any organization that employs people should be using this not just to hire and recruit but as a strategic tool for their business.” – Deanna Wallin, Founder and CEO, Naples Soap Company

Deanna Wallin - CEO & Founder
Naples Soap Company

Understanding that the drives of people creates needs producing a response called behavior and being able to categorize those behaviors in a concise manner that can be interpreted consistently in order to help bring out the best for both individuals as well as for the company. Any solution that creates a Win/Win is incredible in my book! PI Software does exactly that. – John Harris, Founder and CEO of Kitty Hawk Kite Company

John Harris - CEO & Founder
Kitty Hawk Kite Company

“I can’t say enough about how Bruce and John helped us move the needle in reducing our turnover. Finding the right people for the right job proves invaluable everyday. – Steve Eskridge, Director of Operations, Great Southern Restaurant Group

Steve Eskridge - Director of Operations
Great Southern Restaurant Group