Hire Ryte

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About Hire Ryte

Hire Ryte empowers organizations to Hire Strategically, Inspire your people at all levels and then optimize talent to reach your business goals.

Strategic Hiring is the best way to predict employee success. Using people data insights, you can determine whether a candidate has the needed behavioral traits to perform at the highest level. Our Inspire tool helps you develop a roadmap to understand what truly drives your people so you can maximize performance at the highest level. Talent Optimization is when you align your people strategy to skyrocket results. Closing the talent gap once and for all.

Team Leaders

Kirk Lipson

Kirk Lipson

Founder & CEO

Kirk is a consummate entrepreneur who has successfully started and ran several businesses ranging in size from $250,000 to 50 Million in revenue. From Retail to Manufacturing to Automotive Kirk has an extensive background on what it takes to start, scale and exit an organization. Kirk has been a PI Client, a PI Associate and now a PI Certified Partner.

Brad Beck

Brad Beck


Brad has been an entrepreneur his entire career and brings decades of expertise in helping business grow at rapid rates. Brad considers himself a student of people and business. His main goals today are to pay it forward and help others with their business ventures.

Kate Townson

Account Manager

As our account manager Kate works to develop dynamic relationships to manage our client base. Her focus is on driving customer awareness, engagement and adoption of PI solutions, associated features and services to maximize realized value of the Predictive Index.