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About Hayde & Company, LLC

Hayde & Company is a global consulting practice offering leadership development tools to optimize your company's most valuable asset—human capital—while maximizing your overall performance.

At Hayde & Company you’ll find the tools and training that take the guess work out of selecting, hiring, developing and engaging talent. Utilizing valid and reliable assessments, customized experiential learning (which is how adults learn) and strategic consulting, we will help you decode human behavior and maximize performance and results.

Team Leaders

Deborah Watts

Deborah Watts

Founder & CEO

Dr. Deborah Watts has more than 20 years of experience helping people and businesses grow. Her experience has come from a wide range of disciplines and industries including banking, retail, and power sports. Currently, Deborah is the Founder and CEO of Hayde & Company, a leadership and human capital consulting firm. She also serves as a Certified Partner for Predictive Index and is the Executive Director and Senior Consultant for the Leadership Pipeline Institute.

Hayde & Co. delivered a great program. I can't say enough great things about our facilitator. I've had nothing but positive feedback from my team.

Clark Vitulli - CEO, Music City Chief Executives