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About Graziano Associates

Our talent, management and communication strategies help you build, retain & motivate dream teams that keep customers coming back.

In today’s complex hybrid workplace, most companies struggle with having enough high performing teams that consistently deliver for customers, and investors.

Clients often come to us for customized, turn key solutions related to
Change – Team Performance – Growth – Communication

• Intentional transformation
• Situational – ie. pandemic driven
• Reactionary – cancel culture or other forced pressures
• Mergers/Acquisitions

• TALENT Strategy designed for your BUSINESS Strategy
• Turnover
• Missed targets
• Misalignment
• Friction, Silent Disagreements
• Culture
• Morale
• Non-compliance
• DEI Accountability

• Expansion / New markets / Product launches
• Messaging to differentiate
• Trade shows/events
• Creating “stickiness”

• Leadership
• Teams
• Trust
• Engagement
• Integration

Team Leaders

Denise Graziano

Denise Graziano


An expert in organizational communication and change, Denise Graziano has been a trusted advisor to the C-suite for decades. Denise is a leading authority in helping leaders to create change, improve trust, relationships and communication inside their organization with employees (and externally with clients), to increase revenue, retention and loyalty.

Now more than ever leaders must change the old methods of recruiting, retention and communication that no longer work, in order to attract and retain the talent they need for future growth.

A strategic thinker and leader with over 30 years of business experience, Denise is a national speaker and bestselling author of Talent is a Team Sport. She is CEO of Graziano Associates, a boutique marketing communications firm with a unique ability to help companies attract and retain both employees and customers, and helps leaders to vitalize their workforce, and build brand ambassadorship from within.