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About Globulus

Globulus provides decades of "Sat in Your Seat" experience, with results and proven methods on how to get there.

Globulus offers clients the best qualities of business consulting – specialized decades-long expertise in core facets of management and leadership – combined with big-picture perspectives that produce comprehensive solutions and sustainable results. Globulus client services include general business situational assessments, analysis of specific strategic business areas, or reviews of entire business ecosystems.

Globulus’ clients access the expertise of an expanding team of Engagement Directors – seasoned senior leaders, each with more than 25 years’ experience in diverse industries – who have a passion to share their expertise and deep knowledge across business functions, including sales and marketing, operations, supply chain, finance, customer care, legal, and business process areas.

Team Leaders

Jeanne LaFaver

Jeanne LaFaver

CEO and Co-Founder

Jeanne has a strong business acumen – including expertise in system architecture, deployment, development and analytics focused on application and system performance.

Her background includes more than 30 years in system development. Jeanne’s efforts are always laser-focused on client requirements and building development plans to meet those requirements through in-house development, off the shelf assessments and best practice software deployments.

Prior to her 24 year AT&T career, Jeanne work for several independent software development companies – and sharpened her keen awareness of how to best serve customer requirements. While a single mother and working full-time, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Washington University’s Engineering School.

Jeanne’s played key roles in the rollout of more than 20 large system deployments, with total values exceeding $100M. Jeanne is passionate about helping customers identify their automation requirements and develop plans to solve them. She’s an expert in working with a variety of stakeholders to achieve a common goal.

Tim LaFaver

Tim LaFaver

COO and Co-Founder

Tim’s business DNA drives his extraordinary dedication to improve the Customer Experience, Change Management and Deliver Results.

Tim pulls no punches as a customer advocate. He’s passionate about finding root causes – in processes, people, policies, products and systems – that keep a business from optimum performance and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

He avoids the status quo. He knows how to roll up the sleeves with front line teams in workplace observations. And he knows how to gather and leverage the insights, perspectives and experiences that deliver the results the C-Suite team expects.

Tim’s broad experience includes Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Customer Care, Operations, Merger & Acquisitions, Information Technology, Technological Deployments, P&L Management and International. In short, he’s equipped to address almost any business situation.