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About Engage

Engage is a boutique talent consulting company that uses Psychological Science and People Data to solve business problems.

Whatever goal you are trying to achieve, your People are the Answer. Executing a successful business strategy requires a strong understanding of your most powerful asset: Your People. The best path for maximizing the potential of your people, is a psychological approach.

Engage is here to help you develop your people and manage the throes of Leadership.
We equip you with the tools and knowledge required to enhance team performance and cultivate a positive work culture that retains your employees and attracts great talent.

Team Leaders

Michelle Alexandrowicz

Michelle Alexandrowicz


Michelle is the CEO & Founder of Engage, a boutique consulting firm leveraging psychological science and data-driven strategies to tackle business challenges. With 20 years of experience, Michelle is a dynamic speaker and facilitator, having delivered workshops, trainings, and keynotes to audiences of all sizes.

Michelle's expertise extends to combating burnout across various sectors and includes organizational development, customer segmentation, trust measurement, program evaluations, innovative strategies, data-driven hiring, and facilitating successful mergers and acquisitions. With dual graduate degrees in clinical and organizational psychology, she seamlessly integrates cutting-edge research into practical solutions, offering clients a unique blend of theoretical depth and real-world application.