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About Divergineer

​Divergineer = Diverging lines + Engineered Culture

Divergineer is the business consulting arm of Chenal Family Therapy (a 3x Inc. 5000 company) and represents an award-winning experiment in prioritizing the people who are the flywheel behind a company’s profits. 

​In our own journey of growing to 100 employees+, spread across 20 locations in multiple states, the requests for us to share the lessons learned with other companies and other industries has grown exponentially. 

​Our name is a mash-up of two distinct concepts that we believe are crucial for anyone leading a company in our rapidly evolving world and business landscape.

First, that companies should always be focused on creating “diverging lines,” where their revenue increasingly curves upward and away from a company’s cost of doing business. In other words, profitability percentages needs to grow as a company scales, not just remain stable. 

​Second, that such a divergence is most attainable when the cultural experience that surrounds the people aspect of a company is deliberately “engineered” to create safety for employees to connect with their team, explore their own workplace identity, and engage in innovative and disruptive thought. 

Give us a call. Let’s talk about what different looks like.

Team Leaders

Ken Clark

Ken Clark

Principal / Consultant / Licensed Psychotherapist

Ken is the Founder of both Divergineer Consulting and Chenal Family Therapy, an award-winning system of mental health clinics and multi-year winner of the Inc 5000 award for fastest-growing companies in the United States. 

As a CEO who has the lead long-term scaling of his own company to 100+ employees spread across 20 locations in multiple states, Ken is a believer that talent optimization strategies are the secret ingredient that will set companies apart in an increasingly complex and competitive business landscape.