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About DiBona & Associates

DISCOVER HOW WE CAN HELP YOU FIND AND REALIZE HIDDEN VALUE IN YOUR BUSINESS. We can help you achieve greater speed, efficiency and effectiveness!

We offer comprehensive services and products in three practice areas:

• Talent Optimization – Delivering our clients the full suite of scientifically validated behavioral and cognitive assessments, software and developmental workshops.
• Operational Excellence – Using the Management Operating System (MOS) framework we help our clients establish stronger systems that lead to increased agility and shorten the amount of time to convert sales order to cash.

Our service delivery process creates a basis for our clients to know, in detail, the scope of work for each project and our schedule commitments so there is no guesswork or opportunities for misunderstanding. Typically, each project begins with an assessment phase, followed by facilitated sessions to obtain alignment between all stakeholders, then a pilot implementation. Once the pilot implementation project is successful, the implementation phase begins to standardize the change(s) across a broader portion of the organization. Our projects are designed to take “bite size” initiatives to create an immediate improvement in our client’s organization. We work alongside our clients.

Our services are provided to all levels of leadership, from executive management teams to operational management teams as well as front-line supervisors.