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About decide.

decide. - Data Driven Business Decisions

We help small and medium enterprises use the data they have, or get the data they need, to make good decisions for the whole and for the long-term.

Team Leaders

Paul Mulner

Principal Consultant


Matt Baker

Senior Consultant

Matt brings a winsome attitude and significant experience in the educational and non-profit sectors to our team. He excels in Executive Coaching and Team Design, and is currently completing his Masters in Organizational Leadership at Anderson University.

We have engaged decide on various technology, culture, and marketing projects over the years. I have found that they have an exceptional ability to listen, ask the right questions, and quickly understand problems and opportunities. This ability to understand has led them to offer detailed, actionable solutions to problems and opportunities we’ve asked about.

Jeff LeForce - Partner
Drake Capital

I was eager to attend the presentation on employee engagement in virtual companies as it directly pertained to the challenges within my organization. It was by far the best talk of the conference, filled with realistic ideas that were easy to execute. I ended up implementing some at the organization I work for and had consequent success with them. I would absolutely recommend decide!

Rachel Howard - Chief Culture Officer
Leading Agile

We worked with decide. on retooling our hiring process for salespeople. Their experience and cross-industry knowledge gave us valuable insights into how we can avoid expensive mis-hires. Paul is an able and articulate communicator, which creates clarity for our team when dealing with what are often opaque questions around hiring success. The decide. team added a new dimension to this mission-critical function in our HR department.

Grant Henegan - President
The Firehouse Casual Living Store