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ClearRock is a true partner in addressing the complex needs of businesses and individuals throughout all phases of the employment lifecycle: selection, leadership development and transition. ClearRock’s clients are among the most respected and progressive firms in their approach to talent management and come from a variety of sectors. We believe in the power of human connection and the growth that results from building and fostering authentic relationships with our clients.

Team Leaders

Laura Poisson

Laura Poisson


As President and owner of ClearRock, Laura guides the strategic direction, evolution and growth of ClearRock's three practice areas. She values the unique strengths of each member of her team and cultivates an environment of inclusivity, collaboration and transparency.

Kathleen Teehan

Kathleen Teehan

Senior Vice President

Kathleen Teehan is a Senior Vice President at ClearRock and is deeply committed to helping organizations align their business strategy with their people strategy, enabling them to achieve desired business results. Her passion lies in understanding the unique needs and challenges of each of her clients and offering ideas and solutions that help them succeed.

I was introduced to PI in 2015 as I was taking on a new role as CMO. I immediately saw the value in using PI to understand the motivations and needs on the individuals on my team, the team dynamics, the opportunity to use PI to optimize my team performance and to hire. ClearRock has been incredibly helpful in educating me on the application of PI in my organization, skilled facilitators, and hands on in helping me be successful with this powerful tool.

Chief Marketing Officer, Technology Company

Our company recently had the pleasure of spending some quality time with a ClearRock Consultant. They blew us away with their approach to facilitating this 2-day program. Their in-depth, expert level knowledge could have easily been intimidating, yet their style made it anything but. We gained so much more through this experience and are delighted to have our Consultant as a partner.

VP Talent and Culture, Life Science Technology Company