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ChangeStrat LLC - Helping Companies Transform to Survive and Thrive in times of Change

At ChangeStrat LLC we have over 25 years of experience helping companies transform to survive and thrive in times of change—across industries and stages of growth.

ChangeStrat guides companies in defining and driving business transformation and improvement opportunities, including strategic redirection, turnaround & optimization, and start-up.  We emphasize tackling near term challenges while helping organizations become fundamentally agile and adaptable, capable of recognizing and responding to challenges and opportunities in a lasting way.

Given our breadth of experience we can adjust our work with your business to fit your needs.  Your road to transformation might look like redesigning the customer experience, or restructuring your organization, or launching an efficiency and effectiveness program.  We will meet with you where you are at to help you realize your current goals while helping you create the company you aspire to become.

Through leadership coaching, business advisory services, and strategy and transformation consulting and/or fractional leadership we will help you get your company to the next level.

Team Leaders

Patti L. Phillips

Patti L. Phillips


Patti L. Phillips
Cross-Industry Strategy and Transformation Executive

Patti Phillips is a seasoned strategy and operations executive with extensive experience leading transformations to create more strategic, effective and agile organizations. She has helped companies in all growth stages to define and drive market and operational responses to capitalize on times of change including strategic redirection and growth, turnaround and restructuring, corporate development and start-up strategy.

Patti’s approach is decidedly change oriented, focused on rethinking and optimizing strategic approach, revenue generation models and target operating models from the customer point of view in order to deliver substantial and sustainable results. The broad scope and scale of much of her work has demanded a refined understanding of relationship management and the ability to resolve issues and build consensus across many stakeholder groups and cross enterprise teams. She has repeatedly achieved multimillion-dollar impact through long and short-range transition programs.

Throughout her career Patti has focused on both the strategy of defining a future target state, and on refining transformation techniques and practices to achieve them. Her interest is in not only driving point to point transitions, but in creating sustainable organizational agility, allowing businesses to sense and respond quickly and effectively to the increasing pace of change. In doing so she takes a holistic and foundational approach, embracing required adjustment to prevailing systems, structure, culture and practices.

Patti has worked across a diverse range of industries and disciplines including telecommunications, consumer products, financial services, manufacturing, aerospace, and transportation, holding both functional leadership and consulting leadership positions throughout her career. She has spanned both strategy and execution positions, leading operational groups within several areas including strategy, finance, project and portfolio management, customer experience and HR/L&D, among others.

Patti lives an active lifestyle in Glendale, California with her family. She is actively involved in her community holding board positions for several years in organizations focused on children and family in underserved areas of Los Angeles. She is also an avid supporter of animal rescue causes.