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About CEO Blueprints

At CEO Blueprints we implement profit producing, data driven, validated Talent Optimization Systems.

Our Talent Optimization Systems offer a unique, comprehensive and often necessary approach to developing your organization. Providing the Servant Foundation, strategies and tactics to better Manage, Lead, Grow and Protect Your Organization.

Team Leaders

Jason Lopez

Jason Lopez


Jason has been partnering with business owners & CEOs as a business coach, consultant and trainer for more than 21 years to help increase the bottom line profits of their organization. Over the past decade, I have had the pleasure of working with the "who's who" of Louisiana and Texas.

Jason is one of the main reasons why we are still in business today. After a couple of years of bleeding cash, hiring the wrong people, and mismanaging our people we were referred to Jason from another one of his happy clients. The profit producing systems (Blueprints) he implemented into our company years ago are still alive and well today. I would highly recommend Jason.

Kelly C. - Owner

CEO Blueprints has helped our company deal with many business issues including the hiring and training of our executive staff to make better management decisions.

Jeff D. - Owner

Jason's Blueprints courses have made a huge positive impact to our organization during a time where we witnessed Oil and Gas industry profit margins disappear during the slump. Many of our competitors are now gone while we are poised to prosper.

Armando C. - CEO