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About Brighton Leadership

Brighton Leadership focuses on the core leadership responsibilities of strategy, culture and change, helping leaders optimize their lives and leadership so their people can thrive and their organizations can achieve remarkable results.

Your people are your biggest expense and your greatest asset.
And after several decades of experience in leadership development, change management and culture transformation work across all sectors, we know that every business challenge is a people-problem at its core. We’ll show you how to integrate your core leadership responsibilities – strategy, culture and change – with the objective power of data to turn your biggest challenges into the building blocks of your greatest success!

Team Leaders

Scott Beilke

Scott Beilke

Managing Partner

Scott is a man of action who has built wildly successful companies and spent the last several decades applying his expertise as an organizational culture strategist and seasoned executive coach. He loves showing leaders how to leverage the power of data to unlock their team’s fullest potential and create exceptional workplaces. His direct, solution-focused approach gets his clients results fast.

Donna Brighton

Donna Brighton


Donna Brighton is a culture change strategist, masterful facilitator and leadership coach. She knows that leaders make life miserable or magnificent for their teams and is dedicated to supporting great leaders in creating workplaces where people (and profits) can flourish.